Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

In order for this portal to function properly, the installation of cookies is necessary to improve your experience on our website. Most portals use cookies routinely in the online world to display advertisements and enhance the service.

How to use cookies?

Cookies are small files installed by websites on the computer or device of users who access the websites. These cookies allow the pages to remember the user’s actions, eliminating the need to reconfigure everything when returning to the website. They are also used to verify if a user has responded to a survey for which they have given consent. Additionally, cookies enable the user to have the best browsing experience. While it is possible to delete or block cookies, doing so may cause the website to function improperly and hinder our ability to provide you with better service.

The information from cookies is not a means of identifying personal data but consists of non-identifiable data. This tool is solely used to analyze user behavior when visiting our website, without accessing personal information. Google Analytics is a tool specifically designed for this purpose, analyzing user behavior online.

What non-identifiable data is displayed through cookies?

The date and time of your website visit.

Your IP address.

Referral pages of the URLs.

Hardware and software used.

A number of clicks.

Visited pages.

While browsing this site, users automatically provide their IP address to the web server to obtain access statistics and collect demographic information and user behavior trends.

You can control and disable cookies if desired, as well as delete them from your browser. However, please note that our users are protected by privacy policies, which you can review in the legal notice/privacy policies.

By reading this information on our website or portal and not taking measures to personalize your browsers to prevent cookie installation, you are providing your authorization for the use of this tool. Only necessary cookies will be used to provide you with our best service.