Dario D’Milan
42 cm x 59 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

To see in darkness, infrared rays are needed. In the military field, they are used to visualize targets in cloudy conditions. We emit infrared radiation that is linked to temperature. A significant portion of the radiation we emit is infrared, which involves wave transmissions. Be careful with what you transmit, you are a precious jewel that needs to be cared for. Loving yourself first is fundamental. Invest in yourself, in knowledge, in enriching yourself as a person. Don’t forget about yourself by only thinking of others. Take care of your finances, have a legacy for your future, and keep secrets that you shouldn’t reveal. Never disclose everything about yourself or everything you know, nor share your dreams. Put a value on your knowledge and negotiate with the world. This is a secret of prosperity. Change your environment and don’t expose everything openly. Give an infrared focus to your life, like a precious stone, and avoid thoughts that weaken you.

This artwork was created with the intention of highlighting those secrets you must protect, the values and riches you have within you, and the need to negotiate your knowledge with the world. The artwork conveys knowledge, secret codes, including the intelligent way of doing things. It is protected by infrared, which should remind you of your value as a person. Don’t let yourself be contaminated by what doesn’t nourish or nurture you. Don’t expect anyone to value and respect you as much as you value and respect yourself. Self-respect involves appreciating not only who you are but also what you know. The correct and intelligent way is to benefit yourself and others, while the greedy way involves benefiting yourself at the expense of others. The foolish way involves harming yourself and others. So, choose the intelligent way as indica  by the artwork.

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