Dario D’Milán
91 cm x 121 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

Rozo is a work that represents the town where I was born, in the Cauca Valley in Colombia, a town that has overlooked the fact that it gave birth to a visual artist. Through this work, I want to leave that legacy and also pay homage to the hardworking people of a Colombian town. Rozo also represents Colombia’s wealth in emeralds, being the second-largest exporter of this precious stone. The emerald history of Muzo, another region of Colombia, is full of legends, such as that of Mr. Carranza, the greatest emerald miner in this region.

Rozo  is a map of Colombia, where you can travel through beautiful landscapes covered by three mountain ranges. The vegetation, flora, fauna, and beautiful women of Colombia enrich this country. Colombia is a beautiful country covered by three mountain ranges and a tropical climate. Colombian emeralds are known for their distinct characteristics and attributes. Here are some of them:

Intense color: Colombian emeralds are famous for their intense and vibrant green color. This green color is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium in their chemical composition.

Clarity and transparency: Colombian emeralds tend to have good clarity and transparency, allowing light to pass through them notably.

Brilliance and radiance: Colombian emeralds exhibit a special brilliance known as the “garden effect.” This brilliance is caused by natural inclusions in the form of internal gardens, which are characteristic of many Colombian emeralds.

Size and shape: Colombia is known for producing large-sized emeralds compared to other regions in the world. Additionally, Colombian emeralds often have a distinctive hexagonal crystal shape.

Origin and reputation: Emerald mines in Colombia, such as those in Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez, have a long history and a worldwide reputation for producing some of the finest and most valuable emeralds in the world.

Cutting and polishing: Colombian emeralds are often carefully cut and polished to enhance their beauty and maximize their brilliance and color.

Value and demand: Due to their quality and reputation, Colombian emeralds are highly valued and sought after by collectors, jewelers, and gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.

It is important to note that not all Colombian emeralds possess the same attributes, as individual quality and characteristics may vary. However, overall, Colombian emeralds are appreciated for their color, clarity, brilliance, and historically rich origin. In summary, the work Rozo  represents a town, an ancestral culture, the richness of a beautiful country, and its wonderful people……………………………………………..

Work donated to the mayor's office of Rozo Valle del Cauca (Colombia)
Work donated to the mayor's office of Rozo Valle del Cauca (Colombia)
Work donated to the mayor's office of Rozo Valle del Cauca (Colombia)