The Cricket and the Emerald

Dario D’Milán
The Cricket and the Emerald
35 cm x 45 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

“The Cricket and the Emerald” is a work of art that represents the philosophy of life. It is a silent drama that tells the story of a conversation between two very different beings. While the cricket communicates through its characteristic noise, the emerald sitting in front of the window speaks in silence. In this peculiar and romantic encounter, the cricket appears to love the emerald and pay attention to her advice.

The emerald teaches the cricket that she is art and holds great value. She reveals that within her, she harbors secret codes and urges him to value his own uniqueness. During their interaction, the emerald questions and advises the cricket.

She advises him that to avoid poverty, he should focus his gaze on the art of prosperity. Furthermore, she points out that like any art, prosperity requires discipline. She poses the question: What can you offer to the world to help others? She urges him to open his window, his mind, and his heart to experience the wonders of abundance. If the cricket directs his attention towards prosperity, it will also turn towards him. Lastly, she suggests that he keep a bit of silence in front of the window.

What an epiphany! What a beautiful and romantic encounter!.

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