The Door

Dario D’Milán
The Door
35cm x 45 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in imaginary walls with no way out. Desperation and fear become the true pandemic, the chains that bind and enslave us. When everything seems dark and you can’t find an exit, if you search patiently, you will not only find one door, but many. There is a path to explore outside, a blue sky to behold, a mountain to climb. You can only appreciate what you’re doing wrong when a crisis hits. However, every crisis is an opportunity, a reflection to improve as a society and seek the truth. Because the truth will never be told to you, and amidst all the noise, you must seek it in common sense, which is the least common of all senses. So, there is no worse disease than those created by ourselves or imposed by manipulation or collective hypnotism.

The question would be: Are we the virus? Does the Earth have enemies? Or are we our own worst enemy? But one thing is certain: there are those who thrive on chaos and feed off the fear of humanity. That’s why this artwork is here to help you reflect. Always in the face of any difficulty, even if you feel trapped in a place with no way out, it is merely your imagination. There is a door here, and many opportunities await outside to offer you freedom and abundance.

Limitations are mental. Step out of this chamber of terror and seek the exit door towards your freedom. If what you want is an artwork that inspires you to overcome your existential crises, this is a perfect piece that will always help you find a way out of the difficulties that arise in your life. Seize this unique and highly valuable piece for the future.

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