The Eagle and the Ring

Dario D’Milán
The Eagle and the Ring
91 cm x 121 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

“The Eagle and the Ring” is a work that focuses on goals and objectives, as well as the personal commitment to soar in life. Having clear goals and a fixed objective makes a difference towards success. Nature, while observing you, teaches you to live and seek not only freedom but also success. You must not lose sight of your life’s objectives. Just like the eagle seeks a high place to renew its beak and change its plumage in order to continue existing, you also need transformative changes at the mental, spiritual, and disruptive levels of learning to soar high and achieve your goals.

In that sense, “The Eagle and the Ring” represents a commitment to oneself. It is the infinite union of dignity, hard work, big dreams, and above all, resilience. Be like the eagle, have sharp vision that allows you to detect your goals and objectives, have the perspicacity to see opportunities in life. Learn to face challenges and overcome obstacles with great determination, just like the eagle.

Códigos Esmeralda offers you the opportunity to have this symbol, the eagle, known as the symbol of freedom. Its ability to fly high and explore vast expanses of the sky represents independence, autonomy, and the ability to break barriers. This majestic work is a symbol of resilience, as the eagle is a resilient species that has managed to adapt to different environments and overcome adversities throughout its existence. Its ability to recover from difficult situations makes it an example of tenacity and perseverance. If you want to imitate someone in life, imitate the eagle. It is also considered a symbol of leadership and power, standing out as a dominant figure in its natural habitat, which makes it a reference for leadership and determination. I hope that this work leaves a mark on your life and helps you succeed in life, that it becomes your reference, and that it is one of the best investment decisions you make.

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