The House upon the Rock

Dario D’Milán
The House upon the Rock
50 cm x 76 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

Author Darío D. Milán invites you to a spiritual reflection and to find peace within the soul. He urges us to disconnect, at times, from the prevailing noise in our lives and regain control of our tranquillity. Stress has become one of humanity’s greatest enemies in these times, causing numerous deaths and leaving pain in many homes around the world. That is why this work is synonymous with life, as the author hopes that his metaphorical, symbolic, and pictographic message will be a breath of life for the world.


The central metaphor of the work emphasizes the importance of building your home upon the rock, as it is the foundation of all wisdom. You must not allow the waves to carry you away like the current. The world is filled with noise and confusion, so you must be cautious and attentive to what you see and hear. Negative energies and forces of evil constantly work in your unconscious. Peace is not found in the external world, but rather it is a state of consciousness and mental and emotional well-being. Many suicides are induced by the waves of noise, and evil has subtly infiltrated our homes. Therefore, only through silence, meditation, and prayer can you fight against the negative energies that desire your destruction.


Building your house upon the emerald rock will allow you to attain peace and prosperity in your life. This work is an excellent opportunity to have a mantra, a valuable piece not only as art itself but also for its positive energy, in your home……………………………………………

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