The Kiss

Dario D’Milán
The Kiss
100 cm x 150 cm
Canvas / Wood
External Frame:
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Certificate of Authenticity

Description of the artwork

The kiss is a love story that tells itself. It is the deep feeling between a man and a woman that changes the entire life story of two beings who love each other. Many things are done for love, including inspiring the artist. The energy of a kiss and the intrinsic love are a complete enigma. The kiss is emerald codes of creative power and the conquest of what is desired, a sublime surrender.

The kiss is a work in the style of Cleopatra, who carved her face on emerald stones. Immersing ourselves in the work transports us to those moments of love and a kiss that is never forgotten. The profound eroticism of the work envelops us in a climax of intimacy, whether as participants or spectators. Each kiss in its moment is different, and for each viewer, there are different moments or images. However, recalling a moment in life with a loved one that is unforgettable is an experienced experience. The kiss is a pictorial monument with characteristics of an emerald green atmosphere and all its good energy. It is also enveloped in a golden aura that represents ethical taste, merit, status, wisdom, love, power, divine and mystical character, fidelity, the indestructible love that transforms everything like the golden ark of the covenant or pact of love. “I touch your heart,” says the beloved, feeling its heartbeat, while he penetrates her entrails like a ritual that begins with the lips. An orgasm immortalized in suspended time in a work of art, a kiss with the soul, the love of two lovers, Eros love that awakens through physical and sexual attraction while preserving the instinct of survival. The deep kiss touches all our emotions and awakens our livid passions. It is a sweet dream that moistens the lips, and sensitivity or the sense of touch remains intrinsic in the work. The delirious love of two different worlds that need each other. The kiss is a glory, a cocktail of emotions and adrenaline, optimism, adventure, sadness, and happiness. You, who kissed me in that kiss, left me all your love…………………………………………………………………………………..