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For greater confidence, this is not an intermediary portal or marketplace between sellers and buyers selling works from different artists. In this portal, you will have a direct relationship with the author of the exhibited works, which makes it more exciting and reliable because there are no intermediaries. Ideally, we should have contact with you via email or, if necessary, through WhatsApp to address any doubts.

1. Payment Method:

The payment transaction is 100% secure through a bank account or PayPal, or using different payment gateways or the checkout process like Stripe, which is highly reliable and has a good reputation. It accepts payments from any country in your local currency.

2. Warranty:

Códigos Esmeralda Art will handle the shipping of the artwork through companies like DHL or FedEx, which have extensive experience and are recognized in the market. Additionally, the artwork will be shipped with risk insurance.

3. Certificate of Authenticity:

Each artwork by author Dario D’Milán is signed by the author and comes with a certificate of authenticity that can be scanned and verified on Google using a QR code. This guarantees that it is an original artwork and provides a brief description of the author, Dario D’Milán for better understanding and analysis.

4. Packaging:

The artwork is protected with pressed wooden crate to prevent any damages, along with cardboard, polyurethane plastics, tissue paper, hinges, plastic film, and insulating materials like styrofoam to control high temperatures during transit or packaging. Thermal reflective plastics are also used for temperature control, and plastic straps are used to secure framed artworks. In the case of unframed artworks, they will be sent in a specially designed plastic tube for art pieces and sealed with tape and plastic film. The buyer will be provided with shipment tracking to monitor the delivery in real-time, once the shipping company provides us with the information or tracking codes. The estimated worldwide delivery time is 3 to 8 days, although Códigos Esmeralda Art reserves the right to extend it up to 15 business days or shorten it depending on the specific conditions of each delivery or artwork location.

5. Packaging Cost:

The packaging expenses associated with shipping the artwork to the customer’s address will be covered by Códigos Esmeralda Art and are included within the payment made by the customer at the time of purchasing the artwork.

6. Customs Tax:

Most countries do not include customs taxes for original artworks during transportation. However, you may be required to pay a reduced VAT depending on the customs policies of your country. The customs office will calculate the customs fees (if applicable), and the carrier will invoice them separately. The delivery cost depends on the destination, dimensions of the product, and the delivery service or company.

7. Returns:

The buyer has the right to exercise their withdrawal right, provided they comply with the following terms:

  1. The original artwork must be returned within a period of no more than 14 business days after receiving the artwork, and the buyer must inform me via email at, explaining the reasons for the withdrawal.
  2. The artwork must be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging, including any items or documents accompanying the artwork, such as the Certificate of Authenticity, care recommendations, and the artist’s biography, to the following address: Arch 1, Crucifix Lane SE1 3JW, United Kingdom.
  3. If the artwork is returned in good condition as it was sent, a full refund will be issued within 14 days after receiving the artwork, excluding shipping and packaging costs, as well as any fees incurred during the payment process.
  4. The customer will bear the packaging cost for the return of the artwork, and artworks damaged by the buyer will not be refunded.
  5. The customer may choose the option of reimbursement as a deposit for another artwork from our collection of their choice to avoid being affected by commission fees during the payment process.

8. Copyright:

At the time of sale, the undersigned Dario D’Milán transfers the original artwork to the buyer along with the physical support on which the artwork was created. As the new owner, you possess a unique and original piece, making it an invaluable treasure that can be preserved as your own or a family heirloom. In the future, only you will have the authority to determine its value. HOWEVER, the artist, in this case, the undersigned Dario D’Milán, reserves moral rights over the artwork, as well as reproduction rights.

Códigos Esmeralda reserves the right to make modifications or changes to our service policies for greater customer satisfaction.